Yana Samsudin and Fadzil Share Their Touching Love Story

Last Friday the couple was safely the title of husband and wife with one pronouncement while, last Saturday a reception ceremony of Yana Samsudin and her husband held at Dataran Gemilang, Yong Peng, Johor specially for celebrate with their fans.

Honestly, when watching this video, feels very sweet and well worth the couple's patience in setting up a legal marriage combined with background music that will make you able to drown in tears.

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In this video, Fadzil and Yana's retell their experiences of the wedding day and the most I could not resist at the end of the video is Yana's message to Fadzil. Prepare early for tissue to wipe your tears.
"I know I stand strong, so you one of those who can soften my heart. I hope I die first before you because I do not know how my life if I lost a good friend," Yana's said in a voice that hold back tears.
Every word that Yana and Fadzil spoke heard in full sincerity. Anything, we pray the newlywed couple blessed with happiness and lasting until the end of life.

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