[VIDEO] Akim Ahmad Admits Still In Love With Stacy

Finally, after a long period, demure and not openly express their heart's content, last Tuesday Akim Ahmad has confessed his feelings for Stacy. It is well known that they are both very close, but until today when asked their status, the answers are just 'good friends'. But it all changed when Akim Ahmad admits that there is a feeling of love in him to Stacy.

These were the words expressed by Akim when interviewed in Johara Pagi Era:

I'm actually with Stacy is indeed closed and we are very close and I can say the feeling is the feeling of love. Alhamdulillah, I can feel too that feeling and she can feel too, and I hope our relationship can be blessed by everyone and I hope that Stacy will open her heart one day.

Congratulations to Akim and Stacy. I think everyone also happy with both of you. Everyone also will bless your love. Hopefully it will last until the marriage. Let us pray together. 
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